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FURTHER EXAMPLES OF THE WORK FROM FURNITURE RESTORER SIMON LEE  Our furniture was given a new lease of life far beyond anything we had expected. We were so impressed by the standard of service given by Simon.  

Some items are delivered as pieces from projects

that have been started but not completed by their

owners. This dresser was given a full overhaul,

colour removal and repair before being re-


With many of the original handles still in place it

was straightforward to locate a similar style to

replace the missing one. The item was then

stripped by hand before being re-polished.

This table restoration required some delicate re-

bonding of the table top and then a thorough strip

and re-polish.

An old ice cabinet, with it’s original liner in place

was restored to near as new condition. A wonderful

piece of early Australian furniture that still keeps

things cool.

A very loved chair who’s seat had seen many

sittings. After stripping the old seat away from the

frame a similar rattan material was added and a

full polish was given to bring this chair back to life.

With many materials involved in this wash stand

restoration different skills and materials were used

to bring it back to use. The vibrancy of the blue tiles

literally made this item stand out in the workshop.

Some items are found in sheds, lofts or under

floors. Once cleaned, stripped and a new top made,

then reassembled, this little wash stand table was

returned to its rightful place in the family home.

A full rebuild of this chair meant that all it’s

components were carefully pulled apart, restored

and rebuilt using the seat fabric supplied by the


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